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Slow Flow

Slow Flow- Warm up the body and build some heat as we move through sequences connecting with the breath, we'll move slowly, but there will be up and down sequences as we progress into a flow state, taking our time with transitions, variations offered

Props: Blocks recommended, blanket for comfort

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Yoga Stretch

Online: A 60 minute yoga class to create body awareness as you connect with your breath and open your body.

Take some time on your mat to connect and get in touch with what you need. We will move through poses for strength, balance, and opening up tight spaces in a gentle and easeful way.

Props needed: none, but if you like to practice with a blanket for support or as a cushion or blocks have available, strap optional

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Yoga With Janice- at Mike Sullivan Golf School

In this 60-minute class, Janice will bring a softer, nurturing, gentle-paced, relaxing practice. You’ll feel stretched and recovered and ready for the day.

This class is in person outside at the Mike Sullivan Golf School. You need to register below through their system. You can register and pay through their site or bring $15 cash with you and pay when you arrive.

Yoga mat and any other props you like please bring with you.

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6 Week series Gentle Assisted Yoga at Rex Wellness Center in Garner

New to Yoga? Looking to deepen your practice? 

This is the class for you. Join us in a small-sized Yoga class where we will focus on correct alignment and modifications geared toward your unique needs or specific injuries. 

This class will run November 6 – December 18 (skipping 11/27) and be held on Fridays at 10:15am and will be taught by Janice.  This class will have a maximum of 8 participants and cost $60 for members or $75 for non-members.  Please register early to reserve your spot. You can enroll by calling(919) 661-6100 or you can register through the online portal at the link below.

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6 week series Yoga For Strong Bones-Fall

Join me in this 6- week series where we work on building bone. As we age our bones start to break down faster than they build new bone and we need to build strength in the bones and strengthen the muscles that put stress on the bones to stimulate them to lay down new bone. In this series we work on postures that will help us to strengthen, balance to help reduce falls, stretch to give us more mobility for movement, and rest so the body can repair itself. As we move through the weeks, we’ll start to hold poses a little longer as well as learn different variations that may be appropriate for where we are. All are welcome. Class is limited to 6 participants for a more intimate setting where we can discuss individual needs

Props: a chair with no sides, blocks, strap (all are optional)

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Restorative Yoga

Online: 60 minute Relax and renew in this restorative practice

We will slow down and connect with the breath as we balance and calm the nervous system. Coming into supported poses that will be held for 5-15 minutes as we allow ourselves to let go and be held.

Props you might like to have available: A bolster or pillow or cushion, 3 blankets, 2 blocks or something similar, eye pillow or light scarf for over your eyes

**use what you have available, whatever will allow you to be held and comfortable

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Yoga Nidra

This class will start with some gentle movement to prepare the body for relaxation. The practice of Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep. You will remain conscious, but your mind and body will be completely relaxed. The practice is done from a comfortable laying down position so have blankets, pillows, bolsters available to support you. You will then be guided through the practice.

If you register and can't make it live, you will receive the recording to do on your own for 48 hours after class.