I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE your classes. You are an amazing teacher and I have yet to take a class I didn't enjoy! 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year and your yoga instruction has helped me get through quarantine.

Ann Grossman (Jan 2021)

Ever since childhood, my body has felt like a "burden," with many aches and pains. With Janice's help, I am learning to eliminate the "emotional clutter" related to my body. I am understanding how I can move in such a way that I can accept and appreciate the body God gave me, giving it an opportunity to serve me well.  Janice is such a thoughtful, encouraging, and knowledgeable teacher for anyone who wants to live a happier and healthier life. 


I joined the water yoga class led by Janice, I found it to be extremely relaxing for mind and body.

After the first session, I noticed how much smoother my “exercise swim” worked. I have enjoyed the class regularly since that time.

Janice creates an atmosphere of calm-clearly instructive. The instructions delivered in an almost rhythmic pattern that allows me to concentrate on the correct form to take in each position.

The program differs slightly from class to class always encouragement to attention and less distraction.

Her focus to a gentle, encouraging, clearly instructive, enjoyable time really work.


My husband and I are in our mid 60s. We began taking yoga classes at the Wellness Center in Garner in August of 2015. My husband has had lumbar fusion and rotator cuff surgery since that date. I have fairly significant osteoarthritis in most of my joints and have had shoulder, knee, and several foot surgeries in roughly that same time period.

When we started at the Wellness Center, we tried several different types of yoga as well as different teachers. Janice was one of four different teachers we tried, but we instantly found that she had a way of teaching that we were both searching for and needed.

Our personal goals for taking yoga were simple. We wanted to maintain-or improve- our flexibility. I do not want to become crippled by by arthritis. My husband needed to keep his back limber and flexible. We are both fairly active and strive to maintain this level of activity for as many years as we possibly can do so. This was the initial idea for the classes.

We have experienced Janice in several practice situations-most often in classes of 15-25 at the gym. We have taken several smaller group classes of 5 to 6 and have also taken a session in her home as a couple.

We both love Janice. Her teaching style is calming, but very directional. She offers many adaptive options to the practice so that we can pick what works for our bodies. It took me some time to get that I don’t have to do a position the same way that my husband does. There is not a definite set of rules that are set for all. Once I got this, it was so clear that what Janice had been trying to teach me was that yoga is not just a workout. It is a personal journey and practice. She is so very good at making her classes that way for all of her students. She tells the class with each position to do what works in your body on that day at that time.

We came to yoga looking to maintain our flexibility and strengthen our bodies. We are getting that. But with Janice as our teacher and guide we also got a focus on calmness and happiness. She is a bright spot in our week. Her joy and caring are overflowing into her students as she focuses on what she can give so that we might continue to see and find in ourselves.

Her mantra of ” Think good thoughts. Speak kind words and let your heart guide your actions” is something that she lives and that we all strive for each day.


My first class with Janice was a pleasant surprise. My previous yoga experience with a different instructor had been a bit overwhelming with lots of foreign words and phrases. Janice made yoga much more approachable with clear and concise instructions that everyone could understand and follow. With each session that followed, I appreciated the way she encouraged the class to explore our own abilities, challenging our limits yet constantly reminding us to listen to our own bodies as we moved through new poses. Her positive and kind disposition toward class members as she offered many variations on each pose showed her genuine interest in helping each person achieve their best practice experience. Janice welcomed questions and shared her vast and valuable knowledge without judgement  or condescension. I highly recommend attending her classes because I always leave uplifted and ready to walk through life with a little more ease.


I come to yoga to improve my overall flexibility and maintain a healthy back. Yoga breathing always helps me find a calm place and is very beneficial for my asthma. Janice provides encouragement and a choice of modifications so that I always feel successful whether I go big or minimal. She draws the whole group into the practice with her soothing voice yet the class feels very personal. I leave every class feeling not only a sense of well being, but joyful from the experience.