I'm Janice Krakowsky. I have been practicing yoga on and off since I was a teenager, but it became a consistent part of my life when I got pregnant with my first son in 2011. I signed up and took a prenatal class because I had heard how great it was for you during pregnancy. After I had my son, I signed up for a mommy and me yoga class at the library. That’s where I met my yoga teacher trainer and discussed yoga teacher training through Yoga Legacy. I took my first two modules for teaching in the end of 2012. I found out I was pregnant with my second son in January 2013 and did the rest of my teacher training pregnant completing it in June 2013. I think learning while pregnant helped me to really see and feel what yoga was about. It’s not about being able to do all these crazy and advanced postures and contorting your body into pretzel shapes (although that can feel really good it you’re there). It’s about meeting yourself where you are, embracing that and doing the yoga that feels best for you at the place where you are. It helped me teach modifications and to accept that my yoga was different from others who were more flexible or stronger. Yoga is not about comparison, but about your personal journey and where you take it. I know my path is changing as my life changes. It’s something I love about yoga, that it is always changing and what you are drawn to or what feels good will change as you are always changing, evolving, growing.

I started teaching as a student teacher January 2013 and have been teaching through both my second and third son’s pregnancies and births. I have my E-RYT 200 through Yoga Legacy, as well as, certifications in water yoga, chair yoga,senior yoga, detox yoga, prenatal integration, and yoga at the wall. I love teaching all different populations and while I personally love a good flow or vinyasa class, helping yoga be accessible to allow people to feel better in their bodies and gain the mental benefits practicing has to offer is my biggest passion.

If you’ve ever felt anxious about going into a yoga class; if you’ve ever thought I’m not flexible enough for yoga; I’m not able to be still and quiet; doubted that your abilities would allow you to do yoga; then I’m the teacher for you!

You are enough! You can do yoga! All you have to do is show up for yourself and let yoga guide you. It will soon permeate your life.

I thank you for letting me be a part of your yoga journey and look forward to growing together.

May you think kind thoughts, speak kind words, and let your heart guide your actions.


Janice Krakowsky