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Yoga During this time of uncertainty

By Janice Krakowsky

THU MAY 28, 2020

March 15th, 2020 Yoga During this time of uncertainty

The past couple weeks have been a time of many questions and opinions. I will say at first, my instinct was to not think too much about it and that the news was creating panic and hysteria. I tend not to be the type to feed into hype and I don't usually watch the news. As it kept up, I felt I needed to keep myself informed and tried to educate myself as much as I could to make the right decisions for me and my family.

I will say as of now, I'm still not sure what the right thing to do is, nor do I have all the answers.I am personally choosing to practice social distancing for me and my family.

I do know that we need to focus on taking care of ourselves, keeping our minds and bodies healthy so we can continue to fight this disease and move forward.

When there is soo much influencing our thoughts and actions, it's important to take some quiet time to down regulate our nervous system. Even if we ourselves feel calm, we will pick up on what others are feeling.

Get a good night's sleep, nourish your body with good food, spend time with your family in your home, offer to help those near you that might need it.

Be grateful for this time away from your normal routine. Look at this time as an opportunity to read a book that's been sitting on your bedside table unopened, start a new craft project, reorganize your closet, kitchen drawer, etc, take an online course, get some fresh air on a slow walk, and find time to start a home yoga practice or meditation.

We will get through this, we have the tools we need. Practice kindness. Practice gratitude.

I have my youtube that you can access to practice some yoga at home. Over the next few weeks I plan on adding to what's there and we can practice online when we can't be together in a community yoga class.