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Why Do Yoga?

By Janice Krakowsky

THU MAY 28, 2020

Why Do Yoga?

February 4, 2019 "Why Do Yoga?"

As we start in this new year, many of us will set goals of trying new things, creating a better version of ourselves. Yoga may be one of those things that comes to mind. As someone who may have never stepped on a mat, it might feel overwhelming. There are some many variations or yoga and preconceptions of what yoga may be. Images of beautiful people on beaches with very flexible bodies, or someone standing on their head, or wrapped up in a position that you can’t figure out how they managed to get there in the first place. You might be saying in your head, yoga is not for me.

I want to reach out to those who feel that way. Those of you who feel that and hopefully give you at least one reason to step on that mat for the first time. For those of us that have made that leap, who have tried to connect with that part of ourselves that yoga enables us to tap into can answer that question with a variety of answers. It’s different for everyone.

There are so many reasons to do yoga and you can read article after article about it’s benefits. I wanted this to speak to the average person who is really wondering how yoga may affect them. Over the past few weeks, I reached out to my students and asked them. They could fill out a little heart and leave it signed or anonymously. Why do you do Yoga? What brought you to the mat or what keeps you coming back?

Here are some of the responses

Why Do Yoga

· It feels good- Once you establish a regular practice and sometimes even if you’re very new, you will leave your practice feeling better than when you got there. You are able to slow down and get in touch with parts of your body that needed either a release or some movement, and the breathing! To feel that space and energy move through you

· It makes me feel soooo good!

· Yoga makes me feel better about myself

· It gives me joy!

· For Exercise- Yoga is accessible to everyone to get some sort of movement to maintain health

· I love getting the benefits of exercise with yoga because I hate to exercise but… I love yoga!

· stretch and vinyasa provide a good workout

· Healing and Calming the Mind- Yoga provides a time for us to settle into the present and not judge or keep ourselves busy or distracted. We are able to let go of some of the emotions or stresses in our lives and just be

· This yoga has helped me with physical and emotional healing. It calms my mind, I love it!

· It also calms and relaxes me!

· it’s relaxing and calms me

· relaxation

· Flexibility, Strength, and Stability-While every practice is different, you will grow where you need to and when you are ready, you continue to learn different things about your body and how a pose feels. It helps to increase your range of motion, build strength and stability to help in our daily activities

· I come to yoga to help me move better and feel stable

· It helps my strength, balance, and flexibility

· to keep everything flexible (back)

· Reverses the sedentary stiffness of work

· flexibility

· Relax and breathe, me time

· my body just craves to be stretched and it feels so good

· Yoga keeps me balanced-both body and mind. The stretching and balancing strengthens my body and helps me focus mentally

· Someone made me!-I love this one! Sometimes it takes some coaxing to step outside our our comfort zone and then our eyes are opened to something incredible and we keep coming back

· Someone made me try yoga and now I really like it

· Came because friends said it would help my back, it did

· Daughter encouraged

· Pain relief or issues in body that need addressing- Learning how to modify poses to fit your needs so that you can still reap the benefits in the body and learn how to nurture whatever you have going on is so important. I can’t stress enough how everyone will look different in a pose and there is no I can’t, just how can I make a pose work in my body, not how can I make my body fit into that pose

· Great alternatives to help with my chronic shoulder pain

· A teacher that resonates with me- When someone asks me about yoga or is new to my class, the first thing I say is that if you don’t like my class or a class that you went to , it doesn’t mean you don’t like yoga, keep going. Take the time to explore and find a style and teacher that makes you feel comfortable and want to go back. Just like in life not every person is meant for you and that’s ok, find someone who makes you want to keep coming back to the mat

· gives options for what my body needs

· I keep coming to yoga because of you

· Your voice is so calming

· A sense of community- When you attend a yoga practice regularly you will meet incredible people and even if you don’t speak to them you feel that positive energy around you or being in that sacrad safe space. I do encourage you to introduce yourself to those around you, you may meet your new best friend

· I meet someone new every week and my circle of friends grows

I hope that this helps you to step onto the mat and find your why. Remembering that we are never good at something that first time we do it, that’s why it’s called a practice. We learn and grow everyday.