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What A Home Practice Really Looks Like

By Janice Krakowsky

SAT MAY 16, 2020

My normal routine included going to the gym to teach yoga 4-5 days a week and guiding my students though an hour-long practice. It was challenging for me to fit in daily hour-long practices for myself, especially when my boys were a little younger.

When you think of a yoga teacher you probably think they roll out their mats in a quiet room and practice for 90 minutes morning, noon, and night. That’s how they stay so calm and centered. There might be some people who have that ability, but those of us that live in a world with other people depending on us, or jobs, and hobbies, and other commitments, it’s not possible. Nor do I think that it’s necessarily balanced.

I believe that yoga is meant to be integrated into our lives. The word translates to mean “yoke” or “to join”. Yoga needs to fit into our lives. Yes, this may mean changing some things around that are out of balance, giving up a Netflix binge to move your body through some poses or put down the phone when scrolling through Facebook and take a few minutes to breathe. Overall though it needs to fit into the routine of our daily lives.

Over these past weeks our routines have changed significantly and so have our yoga practices. If we were committed to going to a yoga class daily or weekly. We can’t. That might have been the time when we felt we were able to step outside of the busyness and really connect in a neutral setting and be guided through a practice.

Now we are at home and finding a quiet space, alone, for an hour might seem an insurmountable task or we just lack the motivation to do it.

Give yourself Grace. Be Kind to yourself.

Your practice is going to look different now. It may mean you sit quietly for only 5 minutes in your room before you start your day.

It may mean you practice some floor stretches while building legos on the floor with your kids or grandkids. I can give you lots of sneaky poses to get in while entertaining your kids! Lunges and chair while pushing on the swings, planks on the ladder to the slide, half sun salutes while standing in the driveway while they ride their bikes.

Perhaps you and your significant other go through some pose together while watching a show together in the evening.

Move your bodies. Be mindful about how you move your bodies, but it doesn’t have to look like a yoga class to be yoga.

Take a break from work or homeschooling to look out the window and listen to the birds and watch the trees sway.

Maybe you take 5 minute breaks and get in little yoga “snacks” throughout your day. Or your hour practice looks more like 30 minutes with your dog licking your face and your cat rubbing up against your legs.

Let it be your practice.

Maybe this time at home has given you the opportunity to slow down and you now have more time than before and are really wanting to commit to a more consistent full practice. Embrace that and try new things.

There are so many yoga options available for you to take online from free you tube videos to drop-in live classes. Explore. Check out some local studios you’ve never tried or look up your favorite teacher and see what they are doing. Don’t be afraid of the tech. We need connection more than ever. We are physically distancing, but shouldn’t be socially distancing.

I hope this encourages you to move more and get out of your head that you can’t do yoga because your house isn’t quiet or you don’t have an hour. I hope it motivates you to try something new and step outside your box to explore some new ways of moving or relaxing.

I would love for you to check out my free you tube videos, or join me in my weekly live classes on zoom. Check out the schedule.