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Commit to Yourself

By Janice Krakowsky

FRI JAN 01, 2021

The countdown begins 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Happy New Year! It's anticipated, it's exciting, we are hopeful for great things.

I don't really know why we think that at the stroke of midnight all that we are and all that we've been doing is suddenly going to change.

I'm all for motivation and change. I look forward to the spring, and the fall and back to school, and the start of the holiday season. I will admit that I too fall into the whole start fresh on New Year's day. The newness of a routine or events and the motivation and excitement of starting something new.

I'm also well aware that we have so many chances to start fresh. We can start each day fresh, each hour, each minute is another opportunity for us to make the change. We can start something we've been wanting to do for a while or we can continue to put it off. We can give up a bad habit or we can continue to do what is familiar anytime.

I don't have anything new to add to the many messages I'm sure you've been bombarded with about now is the time.

I just hope that maybe I offer you a little motivation and inspiration to believe in yourself and to take the time to invest in yourself.

You can start by looking at yourself in the mirror, really looking at yourself. Do this is a loving way. Then say to yourself

I love you

You are worth it

You deserve it

You are awesome!

I know, I know it sounds uncomfortable, but try it, it will get easier. Try it as if you were talking to a friend, a very dear friend that you want nothing but the best for.

As for New Year's resolutions, be kind to yourself. Choose something that is doable, something small and manageable that you can be successful at and then it will turn into what you do and you can add something else.

Make it a habit, part of your routine, put it on the calendar, and show up for yourself. If it needs to be cancelled, make sure to reschedule.

Some small starts:

  • When I wake up I'll take 5 deep breaths, while stretching my body, and set one intention for the day
  • I'll spend 5 minutes sitting in quiet, letting whatever thoughts creep in to come and go
  • I'll take a 10 minute walk after dinner every day
  • Commit to a 10pm (this can be your choice of time) lights out routine to get my desired hours of sleep
  • I'll set a timer for 5 minutes to free write anything that comes to mind
  • I'll start my day with 15 minutes of movement whether that be yoga, a little dance session, or a walk
  • I'll take 2 minute movement breaks throughout the day to get my circulation going and release some tension, as well as refresh my mind
  • I'll swap out my evening snack for a hot cup of tea

These are all ideas and you can choose one or create your own brainstorming list of new habits that would be doable for you. Start with ONE. When that becomes a routine that you don't think about anymore, add another.

Another way to show up for yourself is to show up for someone else. Commit to something with a friend, find a walking buddy, a yoga buddy, ( you can come to a live class and I'll be there for you).

So as you move into this new year, don't try to change who you are.

Love yourself and commit to yourself. So that when things get hard you show up anyway.

Happy New Year!

May you be Happy

May you be Healthy

May you be loved


Here is a short video that you can incorporate into your movement break time